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Savings Interest Calculator

Savings Interest Calculator

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Savings Interest Calculator Information

Would you like to know how much interest you will earn on a savings plan, or what your savings will grow to? Our savings interest calculator can help you calculate this.

To use the calculator, input your initial savings balance, your regular deposit amount, your annual interest rate on your savings and how many years you will be following the savings plan for.

The calculator then then calculate the value of your savings at the end of the savings plan and break this down into how much you have deposited and the interest earned.

Interest is calculated as compound interest and you can set the different compounding intervals for the interest calculation. A savings plan with say 5% interest compounded daily will earn a different amount of interest than a savings plan with 5% interest compounded monthly.

The calculator will let you calculate your interest earned over different compounding intervals so you no longer have to wonder what the sorts of differences there may be here.

Additionally, you deposits can be set to different deposit intervals. The calculator assumes each deposit is made at the start of the deposit interval.

While this calculator is helpful to get an idea of the interest you may earn on your savings, you should always have a professional advise you on any specific savings plan you may be considering. Different savings accounts may have different fees and specific details that may effect the value of your savings, and as such, these results should be treated as a general indication of your savings future value.